Aktuelle Veranstaltungen


1. Public Talk,
June 1st at 7.30 pm,
CityKirche Wuppertal-Elberfeld, Kirchplatz 2 (5,- € )
What is the Essence of Buddhist Meditation?

2. Weekend Workshop at the WPZ,
June 2nd -3rd (from 10am-6pm) - 60 € plus Dana*,
Waldpädagogisches Zentrum Burgholz, Friedensstraße 69, 42349 Wuppertal The Four Noble Truths and the Essence of Mind

3. Meditation Retreat in the Oberbergisches Land,
June 6th (6pm) to 12th (2pm), 65,-to 80,- € per day (depending on room)
for room, meals and dharma courses, plus Dana*.
Seminarhaus Ingrid Hufen,
Auf dem Kuppen 8, 51570 Windeck–Halscheid.
Mahamudra Teachings based on Examples of Illusion. In addition, Lama Mark will bestow the Empowerment and practice for Padmasambhava in the form of Urgyen Kalden Drendze (a Terma especially powerful for the decrease of war in this age of weapons) Ask for separate days to book.

4. Public Talk,
June 15th at 7.30pm,
Färberei, Wuppertal-Opberbarmen, Stennert 8, (5,- € )
Why we Need to Cultivate Awake Compassion.

5. Weekend Workshop at the WPZ,
June 15th (7.30pm), 16th/17th (10am-6pm) - 80 € plus Dana*,
Waldpädagogisches Zentrum Burgholz, Friedensstraße 69, 42349 Wuppertal.
The Six Pa-ramita-s: what we must cultivate to embody freedom in Awareness and Compassion

Lama Mark Webber’s (Lama Yongdu’a) style of teaching is non-sectarian and universalist in nature, displaying for beings the wondrous unity, uniqueness and intrinsic freedom of all life. His teaching is classically founded, but well integrated with science, art and nature. His work with people demonstrates a profound commitment to freeing beings from innumerable suffering states, whether through meditation, study, art, travel or science. He has been studying and teaching Buddha Dharma (the Teachings of Liberation) and meditation for thirty-five years. His root Lama was the Ven. Namgyal Rinpoche. He is a Visiting and Resident Teacher for a number of retreat and Dharma Centres worldwide and the author of numerous books and publications.

For further information please see contact Karin Ricono karin.ricono@t-online.de or 0202/305930 or 0049/17652579518 or Monika Ellies monikaellies@yahoo.de or 0049/173392145

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*Da-na- - Lama Mark does not want money to be a barrier to receiving teachings so there is no set fee. To support him be as generous as you can. Further information on Lama Mark is available at www.markwebber.org